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Special spheres of application

The special spheres of application of the coverings from mastic road asphalt mixes include the following types:

  • Coverings of the roadway of tunnels ensuring protection of the roadway base from the destructive impact of solutions of salts, akali and acids penetrating into ordinary compactible asphalt coverings. To increase the roadway visibility in tunnels it is possible to perform the covering from light mastic road asphalt mixes. This will allow better visibility of the body of the road and considerable economy of electric energy required to ensure normal lighting intensity in tunnels.   
  • Railway platforms, underground railway tunnels. The coverings from mastic asphalt are easy to clean. Snow slush or melted ice does not freeze in the surface layer of the mastic asphalt and, thus, does no harm to the covering.
  • To increase the service life of the covering in high vibrations, to reduce the noise of the city rail transport and to improve the comfort of drivers the mastic asphalt is widely used in coverings on railway crossings as well as on the roadway in the zone of rail tracks located at the same level with it.
  • Coverings of underground and multilevel parkings and heavy duty car parkings. These coverings are especially relevant on heated sloping access ramps at descents or climbs to parkings.  .
  • Coverings of sport courts. Playing basketball, squash or lawn tennis requires an elastic foundation from which the ball will bounce well. These conditions are ideally met by the covering from mastic asphalt possessing good elastic-deformation properties.