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Application of mastic asphalt

The mastic road asphalt mix is delivered to the surfacing place by special transport provided with a system of forced mixing and maintained preset working temperature.

Distribution and spreading is performed manually or by means of a mechanized installation. The layer thickness is fixed by a system of metal guides. The covering evenness is controlled by a fabric cord, a three-meter rod of Condor type, an electronic lever meter or level. The quality of the mastic asphalt is controlled daily for the batch of products. Sampling is performed on the place of the works with their subsequent testing within 24 hours and issuance of a material testing certificate.

The properties of the mastic road asphalt mix described in the Mastic asphalt section of the website are optimal for use in cases requiring a reliable waterproofing covering with high abrasion resistance and increased operational life. In Europe such requirements are primarily set to the coverings used in the following structures:

  • multilevel aboveground open parkings;
  • underground garages and parkings;
  • floors of warehouses, production shops, industrial buildings;
  • floors in chemical production facilities and in stock farming;
  • road dressing in holes patching;
  • floors in rooms with high humidity (swimming pools, shower rooms);
  • floors of balconies, terraces, interior gardens, lobbies, halls, recreations;
  • drainage waterproofing basement blind areas;
  • roofs in operation and green roofs;
  • decorative polished floors with a decorative filler (car showrooms, hypermarkets, staircase landings of residential and public buildings);
  • floors used as a leveling strainer;
  • coverings of railway platforms, bridges and public roads, car track lines;
  • pavement of sidewalks, children’s playgrounds;
  • decorative colored pavements;
  • embossed (figured) pavements of sidewalks;
  • monolithic coverings in housing and industrial construction, warehouses, including those for food products;
  • pavement of parkings;
  • protective layer from penetration of roots under planted surfaces;
  • moisture-proof coverings in rooms for handling materials hazardous for the environment and water;
  • top and bottom layer of pavement in road construction;
  • protective (bottom) layer and top layer of pavements with the waterproofing function on bridge structures.  

To help you determine the way and the structural solution to use the mastic asphalt we will group the main spheres of its application by the four main areas of construction where mastic road asphalt mix pavements have been used for over 50 years in Europe and for over 7 years in Russia:

  1. residential buildings and industrial structures (industrial floors, roofs in operation, inversion and green roofs, leveling strainers, near-basement blind areas);
  2. road dressing of roadways and engineering structures;
  3. sidewalks, children’s playgrounds and sports fields, cycle lanes (texture, profiled, figured colored coverings);
  4. special spheres of application (decorative coverings, sports facilities, stock breeding farms and poultry farms, heated ramps, floors).

The advantages of mastic asphalt compared to other kinds of coverings are indisputable; therefore, the material has taken a worthy niche on the market of industrial, civil and road construction in European countries.