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The accredited test laboratory was founded in 1951 and is a structural division of the Asphaltobetonny zavod N1.

Documents confirming technical competence:

  • Certificate of the test laboratory N SP01.01.096.076 issued the Center of Tests and Certification – Saint Petersburg Federal State Institution, valid until 16.06.2012
  • Attestation certificate N СТ-0096 issued by the Federal Service for Ecological, Technological and Atomic Supervision (Rostekhnadzor), valid until 20.01.2015

The test laboratory performs all kinds of laboratory control (incoming, acceptance, periodic, operational) of all incoming materials, manufactured products, road construction works.

The laboratory keeps improving its equipment. In 2008 it acquired the first device in the North-West of Russia to determine resistance of asphalt pavements to rutting according to the European Regulations EN 12697-22-03. Systemic work is under way to improve performance characteristics of the produced road construction materials, including asphalt with application of various modifying additives.

The test laboratory provides services in the following kinds of works (to outside organizations as well):

  • control of the quality of road-construction materials according to the declared area of accreditation;   
  • full laboratory support of road facilities;
  • operating express-testing of construction works using devices of nondestructive testing (dynamic elasticity module, compaction ratio);
  • selection of compositions of hot road asphalt mixes;
  • selection of the compaction mode and evaluation of deformational stability of any kinds of road asphalt mixes in accordance with EN 12697 methods;
  • selection of compositions of polymer-bitumen binders and other kinds of modified binders at the customer’s request and based on the customer’s materials for particular kinds of works;
  • selection of compositions of road asphalt mixes based on the customer’s materials;
  • laboratory and technical support of introduction of the technology of production of polymer-bitumen binder (PBB) and mastic road asphalt mixes and of their use;
  • selection of adhesive additives for particular kinds of bitumen and mineral filling materials.