Russian roads
New look


Ecodor Closed Joint-Stock Company was founded in 2000 as a construction company, its primary objective being introduction of state-of-the-art technologies and advanced solutions in the area of high-quality long-lasting coverings of the carriageway in construction of engineering structures of the road-bridge complex using advanced technologies and materials.

Our company was the first company in Russia to apply the new technology of two-level waterproofing for reinforced-concrete and metal foundations of the decks of bridges, overhead crossings and viaducts. The key material in the new system of the two-level waterproofing is application of the mastic asphalt mix that is waterproof compared to ordinary road asphalt mixes and is an excellent protection for the foundations of decks of bridges.

Our specialists’ experience and professionalism allows performance of the entire range of works of integrated arrangement of all structural layers. The mastic road asphalt mix successfully performs its waterproofing function providing the covering for decks of bridgework, multilevel parkings, ramps, underground garages, roofs in operation and green roofs, floor coverings of working and warehouse areas and rooms in residential and public buildings according to the standards and guidelines approved for use both in Russia and European countries.

We have all the necessary specialized equipment for delivery and laying of the mastic road asphalt mix on the facility. In mechanized laying of the road asphalt mix by a spreader the equipment allows immediate operation with the mastic asphalt covering from 1 to 8 meters wide. Our motor transport can deliver up to 200 tons of the mastic road asphalt mix to the facility at a time, which, in its turn, allows laying of a four-centimeter layer of the covering on the area of up to 5 ths. m2.

Our company’s specialists perform laying of colored coverings from mastic road asphalt mixes. This is an alternative decision in organizing coverings of sidewalks, children’s playgrounds and sports fields, cycle lanes and courtyard territories from the already common paving stone. An essential advantage of application of our material is lack of joints, which allows to avoid problems of frost heave of the groundwork base under the paving stone and, consequently, to avoid sink holes, pits and pot holes. To ensure diversity we perform figured embossing on the asphalt surface that enriches the appearance of our covering.

In laying brightened mastic asphalt coverings one can achieve 40% economy of the electric power of street lighting due to the reflection from the bright surface. In Europe brightened coverings are laid on the roadway of motor tunnels. This solution ensures higher light reflection, which ensures better road visibility and allows considerable economy of electric power due to less powerful lighting equipment. In Russia we have laid the covering with similar functions on the hoist-transition bridge of the ferry crossing in Ust-Luga port.

Using mastic asphalt Ecodor Company performed works on the draw part of Alexander Nevsky Bridge, waterproofing of Troitsky Bridge, a two-layer waterproofing covering of stationary spans of Volodarsky Bridge, the roadway surfacing of the Big Obukhovsky Bridge on the trestles circular road around Saint Petersburg. The company has also participated in construction of the S-2 overhead crossing of Saint Petersburg Flood Protection Barrier.

In 2009 Ecodor Company started roadway surfacing works at one of the largest bridge crossing in Russia in terms of length and erection complexity: the bridge crossing over the Volga in Ulyanovsk. It should be noted that the road pavement on this bridge will be operated at the air temperature from −38ºС to +35ºС in the transitional, bending mode with stationary vibration with variable amplitudes. Today it is mastic asphalt produced on the polymer-asphaltic binder only that can ensure crack strength of the layers, reliable additional protection of the facing waterproofer and extent the service life of the structure without capital repair up to 10-20 years. The mastic polymer asphalt laid in the pavement layers on metal orthotropic plates demonstrates increased fatigue endurance greatly exceeding hot compactible mixes. Besides, the material has absolute adhesion to blanket waterproof finishing.

Ecodor Company has performed laying of the lower layer of the covering of the roadway and sidewalks from mastic polymer asphalt on the total area of over 70 thousand m2.

This large field project is a unique one for Ecodor CJSC because this is the first replication of the unique knowledge and technological solutions of the complete cycle of mastic polymer asphalt production outside the North-West region in the practice of ABZ-1 Group of Companies. The specialists of the group of companies introduced both technological solutions of road construction materials and the system of control of the quality of the technological process and finished products.

The fact of the application and the demand for new high-quality materials and technologies outside the metropolitan regions of Russia hold out hopes for preservation of the rate of development of the bridge-roadway network of the country and its quality development.