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Road construction materials

ABZ-1 OJSC is the largest producer of high-quality asphalt mixes in Russia. Daily production capacity is 10 thousand tons. The annual production of asphalt is approximately 1 mln. tons.

Kinds of products:

  • all kinds of road asphalt mixes (coarse, fine, sand, dense and porous mixes of more than 150 proportions for upper and lower layers of road dressing, including stone-mastic asphalt (SMA), mastic asphalt, asphalt based on a polymer-bitumen binder (PBB) and others);
  • cationic bitumen emulsions with specific characteristics;
  • mastic fillers;
  • mineral powder;
  • polymer-bitumen binder.

ABZ-1 has six production sites in Saint Petersburg equipped with modern asphalt-mixing plants provided with crushing-screening complexes.

Expanding its production of polymer-modified bitumen by launching the latest installation for introduction and mixing of additives the ABZ-1 reached unprecedented volumes of production of mixes with enhanced physical characteristics finding the way to provide the largest municipal facilities with several new recipes simultaneously and to produce them in commercial volumes.

The high quality of the products is ensured by:

  • crushing and preparing graded cube-shaped stone material immediately before production of asphalt;
  • system-based work with suppliers and use of improved bitumens and binders;
  • constant improvement of the products with a view to production of new types of asphalt meeting the growing requirements to physical and mechanical properties of the road pavement;
  • availability of thoroughly technically prepared production sites allowing separate storage of large quantities of graded stone material;
  • competent operation of the main technological imported equipment;
  • availability of trained highly proficient personnel;
  • active use of international experience and consulting of foreign partners;
  • innovative solutions in production; 
  • laboratory research and development testing.

The demand for the products of ABZ-1 is an indicator of steady growth of the volume of road works in the city and region.