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Residential buildings and industrial structures

In residential and industrial construction the mastic asphalt performs both a protective and decorative functions: various kinds of rock minerals can add luster to the surface and refine it.

Using a mastic asphalt strainer for floor coverings we provide an even covering that performs its initial straining function, absorbs noise and ensures additional heat-insulting properties. Besides, there is no need waiting long until the finishing material (parquet, laminate, ceramic tiles and other materials) may be laid on the surface of the asphalt strainer. It may be laid within 6-12 hours already: this is the average cooling time of a hot asphalt covering; it mainly depends of the ambient temperature and the temperature of the surface on which the leveling strainer is placed. This variant is quite advantageous with a tight schedule of the works.

Another case of application of mastic asphalt in housing and industrial construction is its use as a finishing covering for industrial floors, open terraces, balconies, recessed balconies.

Especially noteworthy are the indisputable advantages of mastic asphalt in structures of roofs in operation and green roofs. Due to lack of pores and high density as well as water resistance and ability to absorb plastic deformations the mastic asphalt is the optimal covering for these types of constructions.