Russian roads
New look

Land improvement

Ecodor Company is ready to offer performance of the entire complex of works of territory improvement. We have performed land improvement and asphalting of the grounds of plants, hypermarkets, warehousing terminals.

To refine the territory being improved we are ready to offer several variants of colored texture coverings. These coverings can be made both from mastic and compactible road asphalt mixes. We have developed the technology of coloring the entire mass of the mastic  road asphalt mix in various color ranges. We are also ready to offer decorative embossing on the surface of the    asphalt pavement that may imitate the pattern of a block road or the sidewalk stone as well as have a unique ornament.

When it is necessary to surface a pedestrian or sidewalk zone without any active traffic we can offer another solution with a wide choice of the color range ensured by coloring of the asphalt surface with special compounds.